Please download the app page/home page

The JS detects is a user is on a phone and redirects, so phone users don't see this

Ways a user can arrive here:

  1. They used a non IOS browser: User sees this page advertising the app
  2. They used a generic QR scanner: User arrives here, the javascript atttempts to open the MyOpine app, if its installed user ends up inside the app on the correst page, if it is not installed user is redirected to the app store.
  3. They use the MyOpine scanner: user gets to the correct page

Installation notes

This is a sample site for interfacing with the app.

URL structures are NB. All QR codes should use a url structure as such:

Here is an example (scan this with your phone)

To test:
  1. Delete the MyOpine app -> Scan with a gerneric QR reader: you should end up at the Apple App Store. NB as there is no release version of the app you will get no app on the store.
  2. Install the myopine app (via testflight), scan with a GENERIC reader, you should get to MyOpine app with correct page open.
  3. Scan with installed MYOpine app.

To download this site click here.